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Canopy Rentals San Diego

When it comes to setting up your outdoor party, whether it is a casual celebration, birthday party, carnival, street fair or a formal event, take a moment to consider renting some canopies to make yours an occasion to remember. Our canopy rentals in San Diego are the preferred choice by local residents as they provide protection and ease of operation while being priced to fit any budget.

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San Diego Parties

As you are getting started, we have a staff of experts ready to answer all of your party’s logistical questions when it comes to San Diego canopy rentals. Our staff is enthusiastic and eager to help you decide on the types of tables you want underneath your choice of canopies.

They can help you choose whether to go with rounds seating 8 or 10 guests or using the oblong banquet tables that allow dual sided seating for eight guests.

Canopy Rentals San Diego: For example, under our 20-ft x 30-ft framed canopy, you can fit eight oblong tables and 64 folding chairs. Similarly, our 20-ft x 40-ft framed canopy can cover eight rounds that seat eight guests per table for a total of 64 guests.

You may need theater seating in which case 100 guests may be accommodated under this larger canopy.

Depending upon the time of year for your event and whether it is to be held in the daytime or at night, you might consider the benefit to your guests some fans or heaters may provide.

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Premium Comfort

We can help you determine the best venue for your tent event including the kind of surface upon which you will entertain, whether that is grass, a wooden deck, concrete or asphalt. That last one is a tricky surface, especially in the hot summertime when it absorbs the heat.

Tent Rental San Diego: We can discuss the space you have available and the dimensions of the tents you will be able to use as we take your guest list and configuration into consideration.

We help you with the tables and seating or partial seating. Perhaps yours is a cocktail setting or you might want to include space specifically as a cocktail area. A canopy can be dedicated as a beverage service station.

This is particularly helpful when both children and adults are attending and you need to separate the adult section of the party. There are times of the year when you still want to take advantage of the temperate climate while providing cover in the chance that there might be unexpected inclement weather.

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Small & Large Parties

A pre-dinner hors d’oeuvre station may be set up with perhaps an eye-catching ice sculpture in the center beneath a pitched canopy. Very effective. We will discuss with you what power sources are available or what your power requirements are. If you are having your event catered, it may be useful to have accessory tents for a cook’s prep station.

Our ability to accessorize your tent or canopy does not stop there. Perhaps your event could use some customization with carpet or flooring beneath these protective covers. Maybe you plan to have live entertainment or music for dancing and you could use a dance floor. Canopies also give you the opportunity to add even more ambiance with lighting. Just ask our knowledgeable staff to help you cover all the bases when it comes to planning your special event.  Our canopies can arrive at your destination with wall panels that provide protection while still allowing for sufficient air flow and ventilation. Canopy Rentals San Diego: Enclosed canopies also ensure security from the unwanted guests of the insect variety. We are here to help you with your planning decisions from initial consultation to installation on site.


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Canopy Rentals San Diego: Party & Event Canopy Rentals

When you think about it, having your party outdoors takes advantage of the amazing weather without a crowd overrunning your home. If you plan a party and it suddenly rains, having covered accommodation in the form of our convenient canopy rental San Diego and the surrounding areas continue to enjoy extends the lovely atmosphere we are so lucky to have. Here are six reasons to choose canopy rental for your next event:

  1. With canopies, you can hold your event just about anywhere you like: On the beach, in a lush garden or park or in your own back garden. We can help you figure out if your event will need a permit to be held in public spaces.
  1. Tent events provide a similar ambiance to an indoor event but with the festive atmosphere that both reconnects old and helps to make new memories.
  1. Shelter from the elements is big on the list whether it’s sunny or rainy outside, except you don’t have to be worried about everyone suddenly running into your house for shelter. Relief from the harsh sun under a canopy means more time to spend with friends.
  1. Tent events help to contain attendees. If wide open spaces are the only option, people often collect into their intimate groups or start scattering over the yard. Where there is a canopy, people will gather.
  1. A canopy helps keep food covered and protected from what may be flying in the sky above. As much as the cover shelters guests from the heat, a canopy also helps preserve perishables and allows coolers to operate more efficiently.
  1. The cost of a tent event is significantly less than the expense of renting a building. We happen to be the premiere choice of cheap canopy rentals San Diego turns to over and over again for their outdoor events.  To Learn more, checkout our ultimate party rental guide.

canopy-rentals-san-diegoCanopies for Rent in San Diego CA

The summer heat gets brutal at times. The desire to enjoy the outdoors at this time of year remains high, though, and there are things you can do to make the most of using canopies to cool your party day down.

– Take advantage of the shade wherever you can find it. While it is unwise to pitch a tent directly beneath trees where falling branches or limbs present a risk, we will help you select positioning of your canopies that will best take advantage of shade produced by them or nearby buildings or even embankments. The position of the sun at different times in the day helps us to determine the best positioning to maximize the cool shade. Research has shown where trees are planted, the temperature is reduced by as much as 20 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s a huge difference.

– In the search for a flat, solid floor, avoid asphalt in your choice of surfaces. Asphalt is black, and black absorbs heat from the sun. Just as trees can bring the outside temperature down, asphalt can significantly bring the temperature up to a most uncomfortable level.

– Air circulation is necessary to achieve the best relief from the heat. Our canopies come with sidewalls but these can be removed to maximize the air circulation. If you need to have sidewalls, as often is the case in an exhibit or trade show, try to achieve cross ventilation where at least two walls can be removed. For an unfamiliar venue, it may mean asking someone who is knowledgeable of the location and which way the wind blows there. Set up your canopy to take advantage of the direction of the air flow.

canopy rentalsCanopies for Birthday Parties

Although many of our local parks provide some seating, this seating is often limited, especially during the holidays. Furthermore, you may have an extra-large event with plenty of family and friends coming along. With this in mind, it will be helpful to provide chair rentals and table rentals for all guests that will be arriving for this intimate occasion. Do you require a little more privacy for special entertainment or games at your family fun day?

Canopy Tents Rental For Parties

Planning you party outdoors opens up the possibilities of expanding your entertainment space. Knowing the degree of advance planning needed to coordinate an event of any size makes it impractical to plan for rain. It is much simpler and more convenient to be prepared for rain. Canopy Rentals San Diego: Arranging an outdoor event including canopies opens up the options for what type of events you can safely enjoy regardless of the rain.

Canopy Rentals San Diego: A personal party at home with guests gathering for a lovely dinner or special occasion certainly benefits from canopy covering. Church events and fundraisers with activities provide a cohesive organization where there are multiple participants. Small business owners tend to appear at trade shows, which may be inside or outside. In a large convention center, the use of a canopy creates the intimate space that both attracts attendees and encourages interest.

A graduation party is perfect for an outdoor event. It provides the opportunity for friends to gather without the expense of renting a hall or reserving a large room in a restaurant along with the expense associated with it. Further, where friendships extend to the parents of the graduates, a combined or joint event with fellow students is an excellent way to go. Parents save money while limiting the number of repeat events.

– Having fans to help circulate the air can go far to promote comfort. Fans can be positioned to draw the outside air into a tent. Other fans positioned further into the tent help to circulate the fresh air. We also offer generators as a power source.

– California is known for warm days and cool evenings. If it works out for your event, plan to hold it later in the day or into the evening when the intensity of the sun subsides, and there may even be an onshore breeze that cools things down after dark.

Canopy Rentals San Diego: If you need help in learning how best to keep your tent event cool and comfortable, just get in touch with our helpful staff, and we will help you make the most of all contributing factors.

Then, you should also consider our private and enclosable tent rentals that we have available in many styles. Call our representatives now and we will reserve your family fun party rentals today.

canopy-rentals-in-san-diego-caCanopy Rentals San Diego: Graduates enjoy sharing the event with their friends in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Typically, this is a backyard barbecue type of fare, which pleases everyone. If the crowd prefers the classic pizza party, then it is even easier. Then again, some parents have a more classical view of the celebration and would prefer to have the event catered.

It is common to hold a wedding outdoors within a large canopy. The opportunity to specialize elements of the ceremony is open to the use of multiple canopies. Canopy Rentals San Diego: Different sizes of canopies set up beside each other helps create visual interest. A separately sheltered space for the band and dance floor is essential.

To assist you in seeing how a tent or canopy event is suitable, here is a list of possible functions you might consider:

  • Birthday parties
  • Corporate events
  • Anniversary parties
  • Retirement parties
  • Festivals and carnivals
  • Company retreats
  • School functions
  • Swap meets
  • Galas

As you can see, there is hardly an occasion that would not be suited to being outdoors under the comfort and protection of a canopy. For ease of set up and to protect your guests or attendees at your outdoor events, turn to us for stylish and reliable equipment.

Whatever the event, whatever the date, our first recommendation is that you plan early especially when it comes to securing the types and quantities of canopies for your event. Certain times of the year will find people competing for the same kinds of events, which could present a shortage of supplies. That is no different than it is for renting a hall or reserving a favorite restaurant.

Our team is here for you, ready to help you figure out what to choose and to help you make your selections on canopy rentals, tables and chairs, accessories and whatever you are looking for to make yours an event not soon forgotten.

Canopy Seating Arrangement: RECTANGULAR TABLES

  • Our 10 ft x 10 ft canopy can sit up to 16 people with 8 ft rectangular tables.
  • Our 10 ft x 20 ft canopy can sit up to 16 people with 8 ft rectangular tables.
  • Our 10 ft x 30 ft canopy can sit up to 32 people with 8 ft rectangular tables.
  • Our 20 ft x 40 ft canopy can sit up to 48 people with 8 ft rectangular tables.

5 feet Round Tables:

  • Our 10 ft x 10 ft canopy can sit up to 8 people with 5 ft round ft tables.
  • Our 10 ft x 20 ft canopy can sit up to 16 people with 5 ft round ft tables.
  • Our 10 ft x 30 ft canopy can sit up to 24 people with 5 ft round ft tables.
  • Our 20 ft x 40 ft canopy can sit up to 32 people with 5 ft round ft tables.

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